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There are two ways to add an Apple TV as a Ditto receiver. You can use the Ditto configuration utility or add the Apple TV manually.

Use the Ditto Configuration Utility

Use the Ditto configuration tool to add an Apple TV to your Ditto account. This tool automatically detects available receivers on your network.

Manually add Apple TV receiver


If you choose to manually add an Apple TV through your Ditto account portal, you will need the IP address and the MAC address. This information can be found on the Apple TV "About" screen.

Step 1 - Gather Apple TV network Information

To locate the IP address and MAC address for your Apple TV, choose Settings -> General -> About.

The IP address and MAC address will be listed on this screen. Note, Apple TV refers to the MAC address as "Wi-Fi Address" or "Ethernet Address."

We recommend setting a static IP address for your device to prevent unwanted IP address changes. 

Step 2

Log in to your Ditto account and navigate to the Receivers section.

Step 3

Click “New Receiver” (or “Add Your First Receiver” if you haven’t added a receiver yet).

Step 4

  1. Enter receiver name. You can make this whatever you want, but it should be identifiable, such as "Apple TV 4K" or "Conference Display"
  2. Set the Receiver Type to AirPlay
  3. Enter the network information you gathered in Step 1
  4. Add this receiver to a room. This is how you make a room “active.” Learn how to set up rooms.
    Note: You may create as many receivers as you want. You are not billed until you pair a room to a receiver to create an “active” room.

Step 5

Click “Save Receiver” to save the receiver to your Ditto account. Once you pair a receiver to a room, you're ready to connect to the room or create connection instructions for your users!

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