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Customize the connection page branding

Ditto allows you to customize the connection experience for your users. This includes logos, colors and the URL of the page people visit to initiate a connection.

Once logged in to your account, visit the Customization section of your account portal.

Step 1 - Upload a logo

The logo is used in your account portal (you'll see it appear at the top left) and on your connection page. We recommend a logo that is at least 400px wide.

Step 2 - Upload a background image

This image appears on your connection page. We recommend an image that's at least 1200px wide. Alternatively, you can set a solid background color.

Step 3 - Set a text color

Make sure you select a color that's visible on top of your uploaded background.

Step 4 - Add a custom message

The Custom Message text appears on the connection page above the room code entry box and below your organization's name.

Step 5 - Set up a custom domain

Once you've customized the connection page with your brand's logo and colors, set up a custom domain so users can easily remember how to connect.

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