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Ditto Product Roadmap

Major product updates are coming to Ditto in 2019. These updates expand device support, allow users to take Ditto on the road and make Ditto easier to deploy and manage.

Ditto is already one of the most highly compatible, cost effective and easy-to-use wireless presentation solutions on the market. These soon-to-be-released updates add even more value for any business, school or organization.

Winter 2019

Full iOS, Chromebook and Android support

A new Ditto app for Apple TV 4 will add full iOS, Chromebook and Android support, in addition to pre-existing macOS and Windows compatibility. The Ditto Apple TV 4 app will add support for all major devices without requiring any new screen mirroring receiver hardware. All connections can be established simply using Ditto to present device screens directly to the Apple TV, whether the sending device uses AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast. 

One presentation solution that works with all of the most commonly used devices today. How can you beat that? 

Expected release: January 2019

Simplified billing

A streamlined billing process will separate billing from IT management. This will make it easier to manage accounts.

Expected release: January 2019

Network security enhancements

We understand that maintaining your organization’s network security is critical. That’s why we are working on a unique and proprietary Ditto enhancement that will allow organizations to keep Ditto network traffic localized on premise. This will accommodate strict and heavily controlled network infrastructure and security requirements.

Expected release: February 2019

Ditto usage statistics

Ditto usage and session statistics will be available. These can be used to assess how Ditto positively impacts your organization. The statistics will address a number of key usage metrics. This reporting will be optional and will account for various privacy policies to ensure security.

Expected release: February 2019

Spring 2019

Screen mirror multiple devices in same room

The ability to add multiple Ditto receivers in a single room will address two features that are highly requested among our users:

1. One device, multiple screens

Ditto users will soon be able to present a device to more than one screen simultaneously. As long as each screen has a Ditto-registered receiver, users can wirelessly present the same content to both screens.

2. Two devices, two screens

Multiple people can simultaneously present in a room that contains multiple Ditto receivers. These expanded screen-mirroring capabilities will turn any conference room, classroom, lecture hall or meeting area into a more versatile and dynamic presentation space.

Expected release: Spring 2019

Ditto Anywhere

This is going to be big: Take Ditto beyond the walls of your organization.

Expected release: Spring 2019

Easier deployment and management

Ditto is getting easier for organizations to deploy and manage.

While Ditto has always been easy to deploy, there are circumstances where deployment could be time consuming for organizations that require many Ditto-enabled rooms. For instance, if an organization needs 150 Ditto-enabled rooms and each room takes five minutes to set up… you get the point.

We’re taking steps to address that by integrating Ditto with the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Apple TVs can arrive at your organization pre-equipped with the new Apple TV 4 Ditto app and pre-activated with your Ditto account. The devices can be assigned to the appropriate room and ready to receive connections almost instantly.

If you already have the required Apple TVs on-site, all you have to do is download the Ditto app. On first launch, the Ditto app will provide a pairing code that quickly pairs the Apple TV to your Ditto account.

tvOS Management

Customers will also have the option to activate mobile device management (MDM) functionality to allow admins to install apps, update the tvOS, lock users in and out of features and more. Ditto admins will be able to perform maintenance across all devices from one location.

In addition to our own MDM offering, Ditto will work with other third-party MDMs that customers may already be using to ensure a seamless experience.

The Apple TV app, DEP integration and MDM functionality will allow organizations to deploy, set up and manage Ditto in a manner that best fits their needs. Ditto will offer a robust, fully customizable and easily manageable wireless presentation solution for any organization.

Expected release: DEP – Spring 2019 / MDM - Summer 2019

Recent Releases

We‘ve already released a number of recent Ditto updates to improve the user experience:

  • Custom branding
  • Custom room codes
  • Custom domain for connect pages
  • Room groups
  • Ability to search the Ditto rooms page in the admin portal by room name or room code
  • Enhanced audio support – added required audio drivers to Ditto installable

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