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What is the installable version of Ditto?

The installable version of Ditto is an application that is permanently installed on the end user's device. This is different from the temporary version of Ditto (accessed via, which is intended for a single connection and is not permanently installed on the end user's device. 

The installable version of Ditto is ideal for end users who frequently use Ditto. End users enter the appropriate Ditto room code directly inside the Ditto application to connect to the big screen without downloading additional software. 

The Ditto installable allows IT administrators to deploy Ditto across large networks. It's also beneficial for organizations that restrict applications and download access on organization-owned systems. By using the installable version, end users are not required to download a temporary application upon each use.

The installable version of Ditto can be deployed with GPO or Apple Remote desktop, or end users can install Ditto individually using the links below. Additionally, the Ditto application will automatically update itself on a user’s system when an update is available.

Download links for the installable version of Ditto: 

Learn more about the temporary and installable Ditto applications

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