Ditto Roadmap

Ditto Product Roadmap

We're constantly working to add exciting new Ditto features and improve existing capabilities. That commitment to excellence is reflected in our Ditto product roadmap. We have a number of big plans for our enterprise-class screen mirroring and digital signage software. 

Ditto is already one of the most scalable, cost effective and easy-to-use wireless collaboration solutions on the market. There's more to come. Here are the updates in the pipeline.

New Ditto receiver technology 

We have plans to bring Ditto receiver compatibility to another operating system. This will allow more setup flexibility and better accommodate diverse environments. Hint: It's a very popular operating system.

Widget integrations

There are planned app integrations for Ditto digital signage that will allow users to further customize signage displays. Stay tuned!

Improved setup process

We're working on improving the Ditto setup process with guided tutorials to make it easier to get started and onboard new Ditto account admins. 

Display options

We're thinking about new ways to dictate how your mirrored content and signage is displayed on screen. 

We'll provide updates as more information becomes available. 

Recent Updates

View recent Ditto updates.

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