How to set up a Static Web URL item in digital signage

The Static Web URL template in Ditto digital signage will allow you to display content from a specific URL as an item in your digital signage list. You can follow the steps below to set up the item in your digital signage list. 

Step 1

In the Ditto Account Portal, navigate to the Signage tab.

Step 2

Create a new list or select any previously created list for your Static Web URL item. 

Step 3

Click "New Item."

Step 4

Select "Static Web URL" from the list of layouts.  

Step 5

Copy the Web URL and paste it into the URL box in the Content section 

Step 6 

Select the desired resolution for the signage item. 

Step 7 (optional) 

The Request Header is an optional feature that allows your web team to pass custom results along to Ditto from your HTML environment using header tags and values that you set. Consult your IT team for more details about using custom headers.

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