Hardwing receivers for better performance

When mirroring content to Ditto, the amount of data transmission needed can vary greatly. The screen resolution of your devices and the type of content being sent to the receiver(s) impact the data transmission. Generally, we suggest having at least 802.11N WiFi to support the workload that screen mirroring will create. Typically, this is caused by higher latency or dropped packets on your wireless network. Since screen mirroring happens in real time, we are not able to buffer any content being sent, so latency will be a key factor here. Higher latency on your network can cause lag issues when screen mirroring. 

Some ways to avoid this include ensuring there is no wireless interference from other networks in your area and confirming there are no obstacles like doors or walls between your devices and the wireless access point. The best solution to avoid lagging when mirroring content is to connect the receiver and the sending computer with ethernet cables.

If you are having latency or lagging issues when mirroring the Ditto receiver(s), please contact our Ditto Customer Success Team for additional assistance here

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