Match Apple TV name to Ditto room code

Apple TVs will receive a default name for the device upon setup. To make the habit of using your room code to connect, we recommend renaming the Apple TV to match the room code. This will also allow users to mirror devices to Ditto or through AirPlay by using the same room code name.

To change the name of the Apple TV you can follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: Open Settings on the Apple TV home screen

Step 2: Select "General" 

Step 3: Select "About" 

Step 4: Select "Name" to edit the name of the Apple TV and select "Done"

Once you are done editing the name of the Apple TV you are all set. The name of the Apple TV will now coincide with the room code for the Apple TV when running the Ditto. This name will show in all AirPlay mirroring menus from any iOS or Mac device. 

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