How to mass deploy Ditto tvOS Receiver using Mosyle

This guide allows Ditto and Mosyle administrators to deploy the Ditto tvOS receiver across multiple supervised Apple TVs simultaneously.

Setting up a New Profile

Step 1 - Open the "Management" tab 

Step 2 - Select "tvOS" in the dropdown in the upper left corner of the menu page

Step 3 - Click "Install App" 

Step 4 - Click "Add New Profile" 

Step 5 - Name the profile 

Step 6 - Select the VPP installation source 

Step 7 - Click "+Add Application"

Step 8 - Select "Ditto Receiver" then click the checkmark to apply 

Step 9 - Click "Show Advanced Options" and ensure "Install All Apps after Saving the Profile" is enabled

Step 10 - Click "+Add Assignment" and add your devices 

Step 11 - Click "Save"

Enabling App Lock

Step 1 - Click "Add New Profile Type"

Step 2 - Select "App Lock" and click "Activate"

Deploying the Profile

Step 1 - Click "App Lock" on the left side menu 

Step 2 - Click "Add New Profile" and name the profile 

Step 3 - Click "Choose Application"

Step 4 - Select the VPP source in the upper right dropdown 

Step 5 - Select "Ditto Receiver" then select the checkmark in the upper right corner 

Step 6 - Enable or disable any desired options 

Step 7 - Choose fulltime 24/7 or add scheduled times to lock in the application

Step 8 - Click "+Add Assignment" and assign your devices

Step 9 - Click "Save"

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