How to create Digital Signage Roles for Ditto users

Use the digital signage roles feature to permit people within your organization to manage digital signage in specific Ditto rooms. Signage roles enable Ditto admins to distribute digital signage creation and management capabilities without compromising account settings or security. Individuals that are added to a digital signage role only have access to digital signage in the Ditto rooms assigned to the role. They cannot access or view other Ditto Account Portal settings.  

Note that digital signage roles differ from primary system roles (Admin and User). Admin and User roles have full access to all rooms, receivers, and signage.

Click here for more information about the Admin and User system roles within the Ditto Account Portal. 

Step 1: Click the user icon in the top right corner of the dashboard and select Signage Roles 

Step 2: Select New Role 

Step 3: Enter the Role Name and Role Description for the new digital signage role

Step 4: Select Manage Rooms and add your desired Ditto room(s) to assign to the new Role, then select Create Role 

Step 5: Select the Members tab, then select Add Members 

Step 6: Select one or more users to be assigned to this role and click Add

Congrats! After creating a new digital signage role, users assigned to the role can start creating digital signage for their assigned Ditto rooms. 

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