How to use Ditto Director on Windows Devices

Ditto Director for Windows is designed to allow moderation of Ditto screen mirroring sessions. 

Ditto Director allows users to: 

  • View all receivers in a Ditto room and the devices that are connected to those receivers
  • Remotely disconnect devices  
  • Remotely approve or deny an incoming mirroring connection request

How to setup and use Ditto Director for Windows

Step 1: Ensure that Moderator Controls are enabled for desired Ditto rooms

Step 2: Choose the security method required to connect Ditto Director to the Ditto room

Step 3: Download Ditto Director for Windows

You can find download links here.

Step 4: Open Ditto Director for Windows and enter the room code of the Ditto room you want to moderate 

Step 5: Enter the onscreen code displayed on the receiver screen or the custom password for this room

One-time Onscreen code/Onscreen code 

Receiver screen when displaying the Moderator Code

Custom Password

The Manage Devices screen 

The Manage Devices screen is where a moderator views all device connections in a room. 

  • A moderator can choose to allow all devices to connect automatically. Otherwise, all connections have to be reviewed and approved or denied.
Accept all setting disabled 

Accept all setting enabled 

  • The device name appears under the receivers with the option to approve or deny the connection.

  • The moderator can approve a connection by selecting the checkmark. Once a connection is approved, the checkmark goes away and the name of the device will change color. 

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