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Ditto is a wireless presentation software that makes it really easy to display devices on the big screen in places where people meet. Places like conference rooms, classrooms, offices, lecture halls...we could keep naming types of rooms, but you'd be reading this all day. 

Every Ditto room is assigned a unique Ditto room code. Simply enter that code into Ditto, and Ditto will automatically connect the user to the appropriate display in that room. No cables, no adapters, no compatibility concerns, no user error. It just works. 

Let's think of this is the simplest way possible. When you use Ditto, there's a screen sender and a screen receiver. Ditto is the sender. It runs on the device you're trying to send to the big screen. Simple enough, right? The receiver is the device that receives the connection sent by Ditto. The receiver can be an Apple TV, Windows device, Chromecast or a Reflector-enabled macOS device.

Receivers like the Apple TV and Chromecast are traditionally very limited in the types of devices they can display. That's not a problem with Ditto. Ditto crosses technical barriers to allow you to wirelessly display a wide range of device types on these receivers. 

The best news? There's more to come. Ditto is expanding its already impressive capabilities.  

Ditto is the cost effective, easy-to-use wireless presentation solution you've been waiting for. 

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