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Ditto Product Roadmap

Major product updates have already transformed Ditto screen mirroring in 2019. Adding more device support was a priority, and that's exactly what we did. The release of the Ditto tvOS receiver, Ditto Windows Receiver, Ditto Connect for iOS and Android, and an all new Settings Portal made it even easier to present in the places people meet.

Ditto is already one of the most highly compatible, cost effective and easy-to-use wireless presentation solutions on the market. There's more to come. Here are the updates in the pipeline.

2019 Planned Updates

Ditto Usage Statistics

Ditto usage statistics will be available to assess how Ditto positively impacts your organization. Statistics will address a number of key usage metrics.

Ditto Proxy Support

This release will make Ditto compatible with corporate proxies.  

tvOS Mass Deployment

Ditto mass deployment is coming to tvOS.

Windows Receiver 1.1.1

Ditto Windows Receiver 1.1.1 brings improved mass deployment support.

Early 2020 Planned Updates

Ditto Touchback Support

Touchback support allows users to interact with shared screens simply by touching the main display. Users will not have to be near the shared device to perform functions like changing slides, opening apps, scrolling, visiting webpages, etc. It can all be done from the front of the room directly on the touchscreen display.

Recent Updates

View recent Ditto updates.

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