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Ditto Product Roadmap

Major product updates have already transformed Ditto in 2020. Ditto took a massive leap forward with the addition of digital signage and multi-display screen mirroring. It is truly a first-of-its-kind technology. Ditto makes it easier than ever to share content and display signage on all of your screens.

Ditto is already one of the most highly compatible, cost effective and easy-to-use wireless collaboration solutions on the market. There's more to come. Here are the updates in the pipeline.

Planned Updates

Ditto Receiver for Android

Estimated: 2021

Guided Ditto room/receiver setup

New users will have a guided setup process to help link their first room and receiver. 

Estimated: 2021 

Synchronized signage playback

Signage items will play at the same time on all receivers in a room if desired.

Estimated: 2021

Mirrored device emphasis

This will allow users to select which device is shown larger on-screen when multiple devices are mirrored to the same receiver simultaneously.

Estimated: 2021

Office365 calendar integration

Estimated: 2021

Digital signage with dynamic content regions

This will allow users to integrate local weather, time, news, etc. with Ditto digital signage.

Estimated: 2021

Recent Updates

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