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Step 1

Download and install the Ditto Windows Receiver on your Windows device via the Ditto download page

Step 2

Launch the Ditto Windows Receiver. A pairing code will appear.

Step 3

Log in to your Ditto Account Portal, click on the "Receivers" tab and click "New Receiver" (or “Add Your First Receiver” if you haven’t added a receiver yet).

Step 4

Enter the pairing code and click "Pair Receiver."

Note: If you have not previously added a receiver to your Ditto account, you will have to first select "Windows" before entering the pairing code.

Step 5

That's it! Your Windows device will be paired to your Ditto account as a receiver. Next, add the receiver to a room. Learn how to set up rooms.

Note: You may create as many receivers as you want. You are not billed until you pair a room to a receiver to create an “active” room.

Once you pair a receiver to a room, you're ready to connect to the room or create connection instructions for your users!

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