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Guests can connect to your displays using your custom connection page or by visiting

Step 1 - Visit the connection page

Guests will need to visit the Ditto connection page. This is one of two places depending on your level of customization:

Step 2 - Enter a room code

Each room you create is assigned a code. This code allows employees and guests to wirelessly connect their devices to the display in that room. 

Enter the room code in the box and click Connect. 

Step 3 - Connect

When a guest clicks the Connect button on the connection page, an application is downloaded. This application does not need to be installed. It can run from a temporary or downloads folder. The application allows the guest to only connect to the room's display while they're on the premises of your organization.

Opening the application presents the user with two screen sharing options and a connect button. Choose to mirror either the entire screen or a specific application. 

Clicking Connect will connect the guest to the room's display.

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