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Employees have a few ways to connect to a display registered with Ditto. 

Option 1 - Connect via the Ditto connect page

This is the same option provided to guests who enter a room. It's a lightweight solution and great for anyone who only occasionally presents their screen. 

Read the Ditto connect page connection instructions

Option 2 - Deploy Ditto Connect to employees

If your users frequently use Ditto, they can use the installable version of Ditto Connect. Instead of entering a code on a webpage, users enter a room code directly inside the application. The application then allows users to connect to that room without downloading additional software. This version of Ditto Connect can be pushed to users via Group Policy or Apple Remote Desktop, or users can install Ditto individually using the links below. 

The download links for the installable version of Ditto Ditto can be found below:

What is the installable version of Ditto connect?

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