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Connecting to Ditto from your phone or tablet is easy.

When you visit the Ditto Connect page from your Android or iOS device and enter a room code, you'll be directed to download the Ditto Connect app. Ditto Connect is easy to use and works the same for both iOS and Android.

You can also download Ditto Connect ahead of time if you know you're going to share you iOS or Android device screen.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Android

Step 1 - Download Ditto Connect

To begin, download Ditto Connect on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2 - Launch Ditto Connect

Locate and open Ditto Connect on your device.


Ditto may ask for permission to access certain features of your iPad or iPhone. If you're prompted, you must approve Ditto, or screen sharing may not be possible.

Step 3 - Enter Room Code

Enter the room code for the room you want to connect to.

Step 4 - Connect

Tap the Share Screen button and select Ditto Sender in the list.

Step 5 - Mirror

A count down will begin, and your screen will appear on the receiver. It may take a moment for your screen to appear.

Step 6 - Stop mirroring

Tap the red Sharing Screen button and select Stop Broadcast. Your screen will stop mirroring to the receiver.


Check out this video if you still need assistance.

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