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Configuring your network for Ditto

For Use with Ditto Receiver Only

The contents of this article only apply to organizations using Ditto tvOS Receiver or Ditto Windows Receiver. These instructions do not apply to other Ditto receiver types (Chromecast, Apple TV 3 and older). 

Ditto is designed to be easy to use, even on the most restricted and isolated networks. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure Ditto works best on your network.


Most screen sharing solutions rely on discovery protocols such as mDNS, Bonjour or Multicast announcements for user devices to find and connect to a receiver. On a simple network, these protocols are great, however they don't scale well when there are hundreds of devices on different networks. 

Ditto doesn't need any of these protocols to work. Our proprietary Ditto screen mirroring solution knows where the receiver is and connects directly to it. This means you can disable multicast and mDNS on your network entirely and Ditto will still work great. This also allows you to simplify your network by removing VLANs that only serve to keep multicast traffic from flooding to other networks.


VLANs are frequently used in corporate or school or networks to keep device traffic separated from other device traffic. VLANs are often used to keep discovery traffic, such as mDNS, Bonjour and Multicast announcements, from flooding to other networks. This traffic policing and traffic shaping will often prevent devices from discovering each other, such as a guest MacBook discovering a corporate-owned Apple TV.  

If your network requirements dictate that you must have separate VLANs, such as the Ditto Receiver on a corporate network and guests on the guest wifi, you can ensure Ditto works by allowing IP routing between your VLANs that support the receiver and end-user devices. If you do not want to route all traffic between VLANs, you can selectively route port 55200 TCP traffic between the VLANs and users, and receivers will be able to connect.

Proxy Servers

Ditto also works with proxy servers.

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