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How to Set Up Multifactor Authentication

Ditto allows you to set up users with Multifactor Authentication for added login security. The steps below detail how to set up multifactor authentication for new and existing users in your Ditto account. For help with adding new users to your Ditto account, refer to this article.

The Multifactor Authentication process can only be set up for users on an individual basis.

Step 1

Navigate to the Users area of the account portal.

Step 2

Create a new user or pick an existing user and select the Multifactor Authentication option.

When selecting Multifactor Authentication, a popup window will appear stating the user will need a mobile device with a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) app, such as Google Authenticator, to complete the Multifactor Authentication setup and log in again.

*Please note: New users must verify their Ditto account before the Multifactor Authentication process can begin. 

Step 3

Select Save User when adding Multifactor Authentication to a new user to proceed and save. 

Select Save and Log Out when adding Multifactor Authentication to an existing user to proceed and save these changes. 

Step 4

New users will receive a "You Have Been Invited To Join A Ditto Organization" email with a link to complete the Multifactor Authentication process which will involve creating a new password for logging in. 

*Existing Ditto users will be immediately logged out and the Multifactor Authentication process will begin with the user's next login. 

Step 5

Users will arrive at the login page for Ditto and enter the login email and password. 

Step 6

Once the user's credentials are entered and accepted, a QR code is presented for the user to scan with an authenticator app from their smart device. 

Step 7

Once the QR code is scanned, the user will receive a passcode to enter before selecting the continue arrow.

Step 8

The user will be given a backup code to use in the event they need to login without using their smart device to pull the authenticator code.

*User will need to ensure this code is copied and stored in a safe place in case of future use.

Step 9

Once the user selects continue, the multifactor authentication process is complete and the user will be logged in. 

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