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How can I use video files with digital signage?

Ditto offers a number of ways to implement video with digital signage. Below you'll find what types of videos you can use with digital signage and how these files can be used. 

Supported file types and restrictions 

Ditto's digital signage currently supports MP4 files no larger than 300MB.

Supported receivers

Digital signage with Ditto requires the Ditto Receiver application. This is a tvOS and Windows application that runs on receivers connected to TVs, projectors, and other displays. The following receivers are compatible with the Ditto Receiver application:

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Apple TV HD
  • Windows devices

Download Ditto Windows Receiver and Ditto tvOS Receiver here.

How to upload videos for digital signage

Uploading videos for digital signage is easy. Follow these steps to upload your files and prepare them for display.

Before you begin:

Ensure you have completed the following in the Ditto account portal:

  1. Added at least one room.
  2. Added at least one receiver.
  3. Linked a room with a receiver.

Once you’ve added and linked a room with a receiver, you can begin using digital signage.

Step 1

Create a digital signage list. A list organizes your signage content in the Ditto account portal. Learn how to create your first list here.

Step 2

After you’ve created a digital signage list, upload your media. See how to upload media here.

Step 3

Once you've uploaded and saved your media items, click on the name of your signage list and click Save List. Ditto may take a moment to build your media items or signage list.

Your digital signage content will now be displayed on your receiver.


Only Windows receivers support audio when uploading videos for digital signage. Apple TVs will display the video, but there will be no audio.

Schedule and organize digital signage

With Ditto, you can schedule start and end times for your digital signage and set the duration of each piece of content. Follow these steps to schedule and organize digital signage content here.

Loop videos used for digital signage

You can loop videos for a specific duration before your signage moves to the next piece of content in a list. Select the number of loops you prefer in the dropdown next to your video.


If you'd like a single video to loop infinitely, you can do this by creating a list with a single video file. When the video finishes, it will start over.

Looping vs. scheduling

Looping indicates how many times a video in a list will play before your signage displays the next piece of content in the list.

Scheduling indicates the specific point in time when an item in a digital signage list will be displayed on your receiver.

Syncing digital signage items

When sending digital signage content to more than one receiver, syncing these items will depend on the internet connection on the network and when the items are first downloaded to the receiver. Once the items are downloaded to the Ditto receiver, they will start playing immediately as digital signage. 

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